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Zoom with IT

The making of zoomwithit.co.nz…

zoomwithit.co.nz is a blog aimed towards parents and educators to enable them with resources useful for children to be engaged in IT. It is a blog style design with the excerpts appearing on home page and interested readers can click the entry to read more. It also allows the readers to interact socially and also subscribe to a mailing list which sends monthly updates.

Greens, White, Orange

  • Green background
  • White background for text for easy reading
  • Orange links on white background
  • Various shades of greens

Feature rich yet elegant blog

  • Feature images
  • Post automatically updates Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Mailing List pop-up
  • Social buttons
  • Responsive design

Responsive design of zoomwithit.co.nz suits all screen sizes.