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Royal Oak Childcare

The making of aucklandchildcare.co.nz…

aucklandchildcare.co.nz was a rewrite of an existing website to allow for a simple and responsive design. It caters to parents of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers who need a childcare and early childhood education. The website includes the childcare programme, Education Review Office Report, Contact us form and a gallery of photographs. It also has a testimonials page with quotes from parents. There is also News page which is used to update the parents with notices and newsletters.

Brown, White, Beige

  • Brown background with koru
  • White menu items and text
  • Beige background for the body with dark text

Simple and responsive

  • Responsive Design
  • Maps in footer area along with address and phone details
  • Call-to-action leading to Programme page with Contact Us form
  • Full width images for home and other pages
  • Parents’ testimonials in a separate page
  • Mailing list for News update

Responsive design of aucklandchildcare.co.nz suits all screen sizes.